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Why Partner with Five Lakes Global?

There has never been a better time to invest in the International real estate market than right now.

With a surge in buying power and a desire for stable financial vehicles, international investors have begun flooding the global real estate market, particularly from China and India. As these investors continue to become a driving force in global real estate acquisition, they are also coming to understand the challenges new investors face in the Western World. Acquiring real estate in the United States can be a daunting task for even seasoned veterans in the real estate world. The advantage of having a well connected and globally focused partner who can identify opportunities and match investors with the types of projects that best suit them cannot be overstated. From commercial projects to undeveloped property, to residential developments and luxury housing, Five Lakes Global Realty has a diverse portfolio of lucrative real estate opportunities waiting for the right international investors.

Aside from identifying opportunities and creating introductions, Five Lakes Global Realty also utilizes an expansive network of partners, developers and brokers to help overcome any challenges a new investor can face entering an unfamiliar market. Let us work on your behalf to create a lasting partnership between investor and community, helping to facilitate the acquisition process from beginning to end.

Five Lakes Global Realty has a very successful history in creating lasting business relationships and maintaining valuable connections in both the global and domestic real estate markets. With millions of dollars in investment and acquisition transactions, Five Lakes Global Realty has become one of the fastest growing international real estate firms in the Midwest, and continues to attract significant interest from high profile partners eager to invest in global real estate.


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